Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you travel?

We work anywhere within a 60-mile radius from Bristol (excluding out to sea 😉). That covers Bath, Cardiff, Dorset, Glamorgan, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hereford, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Somerset, Swindon, Taunton, Towbridge and Wiltshire.

However, if you’re outside that radius let us know and we should be able to work something out for you.

How do you take pictures on a virtual tour?

Taking photos for a virtual tour requires a 360° camera with multiple lenses, or a DSLR with fisheye lenses. Software then stitches the multiple wide angle photos together to create one 360° image, which can be viewed either flat (equirectangular) or in a virtual environment in which the user can move the spherical image around them.

We use the Matterport Pro2 lite camera as it provides superior image quality and scans the space in 3D with infrared cameras. This helps the tour system understand the space in 3D, creating more compelling 3D tours.

How long does a virtual tour take to shoot?

After setting up, each photoshphere usually takes 30 – 45 seconds to shoot. Each room of a residential house would normally require 5 – 8 photospheres in order to create 3D geometry reliable enough to be measured from to an accuracy of 99%.

Immediately after shooting the tour is sent off for processing. A small tour could take just half an hour to process but a large tour could take anything from 24 to 48 hours.

How much does a virtual tour cost?

Prices for our virtual 360° photo tours range from £190 for a building up to 200sqm up to £625 for a bumper package. We also provide a raft of smaller services.

You can see all prices here.

Are virtual tours worth it?

Yes. 74% of agents using our virtual tour system find they end up winning more listings. Additionally, 95% of prospective buyers say they are more likely to pick up the phone after finding a property with a virtual tour.

Now many people are trying to keep social distance virtual tours have only become an even more powerful tool in the successful estate agent’s arsenal.

How does a virtual tour work?

Virtual tours, sometimes known as 360° tours or virtual walkthroughs, allow users to look at 360° photos taken in a property. These images are connected by a map or hotspots that a user can click on to navigate between photospheres, thus “walking” through a tour. It works just like Google Street View. Have a look at some tours on the Matterport page.

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Post it here and I’ll respond. If it’s an especially good question I’ll add it to the official FAQs on this page.


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