Matterport Virtual Tours

A Matterport camera

UK based Matterport photography

Soon we’ll be ready to offer virtual tours with the Matterport virtual tour system.

Matterport tours show off your properties in the best possible light. They’re so realistic they’re almost as good as being there.

This page shows a few examples that you can try out to see how the service works.

How the Matterport camera works

This system combines three normal cameras and three depth-sensing cameras. The device projects and detects a pattern of infrared light and uses it to compute a 3D point cloud. This 3D geometry is then combined with the visible light photography to make a ‘digital twin’ of the space, a 3D model that the user can move around in as they go from one 360° photosphere to another.

The 3D transitions between photospheres and the interactive ‘dollhouse view’ gives users a clear understanding of the relationship between rooms.

Dollhouse view of a Matterport scanned house tour

Technical capabilities of Matterport tours

megapixel combined sensor size

resolution images, great for printing

coverage of a space

The competitive advantage of 3D tours

[ source: independent studies published by ]


Higher sale price, depending on the market

up to


fewer days on the market


of agents who use Matterport tours say it makes them more competitive

money icon

Sell or rent more effectively

As well as virtual tours being really helpful to potential buyers or renters, the more information they have upfront the fewer unqualified leads you’ll get.

measure tape icon

Measure online

The Matterport camera understands 3D space and creates a ‘digital twin’ of the real property. You can take measurements with 99% accuracy and even download a 3D model of the space.

comment icon

Collaborate on design and documentation

Add tags to features in the tour to note snags, work completed or something fancy you want to advertise.

dolls house icon

Dollhouse view

An intuitive 3D bird’s eye view of the property that helps buyers quickly get a sense of how the spaces fit together.

After shooting a virtual tour for you we can extract standalone high-quality HDR wide-angle photos from it. This means you can get your property photography done at the same time as your virtual tour.

Although you can request stills after shooting, if you’d like to include wide-angle stills please let us know before we visit the property as this will allow us to shoot at an ideal height for stills.

Download sizeResolutionApprox file size
Web Ready
Medium size images appropriate for websites
1280 × 720Around 150 KB
Presentation Ready
Higher resolution images appropriate for all digital uses
1920 × 1080Around 200 KB
Maximum Pixels
Maximum resolution for use in printed materials
From 1920 × 1080
to 8092 × 4552
depending on zoom
From 300 KB
to 5 MB

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